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Palazzo Vecchio is a micro-cosmos where history and art have been irremediably intertwined for more than seven centuries. There are therefore a myriad of ways of observing this building, the peculiarity of which lies precisely in the fact of not only being a prestigious receptacle of artworks of various provenance, but also a place in which architecture, minor arts, sculpture, and painting all compete in the creation of a rich and complex unicum. During the tour, expert animators shed light on this rare aspect of Palazzo Vecchio, enhancing the visit with observations of universally recognised artworks such as the marble group of The Genius of Victory by Michelangelo Buonarroti, the bronze group of Judith and Olopherne by Donatello, the Putto with dolphin by Verrocchio, the frescoes of Agnolo Bronzino in the Chapel of Eleonora, the Siege of Siena at the Porta Camollia by Giorgio Vasari, and the Triumph of Camillus by Francesco Salviati. The tour comes to an end in a room not normally accessible to the general public, reached via a secret passage hidden behind the map of Armenia in the Map Room. This is the Camerino of the Duchess Bianca Cappello, second wife of Francesco I de’ Medici for whom this small elegant study linked to her passion for collecting was built at the end of the sixteenth century. A curious aspect of this room is the presence of a small window, protected by a grate, from where in the past it was possible to watch unobserved what was happening in the Salone dei Cinquecento. And this is just what visitors to this secret room will be able to do today.

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